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School Sports Day 2017


Our annual School Sports Day took place on Tuesday 20th June. It was a beautiful day for the event and a great crowd of family members attended. Here are the results:-  Junior Infants Rang Mrs McGowan – Beanbag Race 1) Cian Meaney 2) Bert Randalls 3) Lachlann Taft. Straight Race 1) Bert Randalls 2) Cian Meaney 3) Ben Healy. Obstacle Race 1) Sean Kelleher 2) Belvin Babu 3) Cian Meaney. Hurdles 1) Cian Meaney 2) Bert Randalls 3) Lachlann Taft. Rang Mrs Doonan - Straight Race 1) Ronan O’Rourke 2) Kaylen Fingleton Hastings 3) Liam Broderick. Hurdles 1) Ronan O’Rourke 2) Mikey Felix O’Sullivan 3) Padraig Ryan. Obstacle Race 1) Ronan O’Rourke & Kaylen Fingleton Hastings 2) Padraig Ryan 3) Kacper Kolenda. Beanbag Race 1) Mikey Felix O’Sullivan 2) Padraig Ryan 3) Evan Walsh Barry. Senior Infants Rang Ms O’Regan – Obstacle Race 1) Adam O’Brien 2) Declan Clancy 3) Adam Reilly. Hurdles 1) Ruairí O’Sullivan 2) Cillian Dorgan 3) Isaac Hawes. Beanbag Race 1) Ruben Boom 2) Barry O’Keeffe 3) Keelan Meyler. Straight Race 1) Noah Houlihan 2) Daniel Mullane 3) Eoin O’Shea. Rang Ms Smithwick – Hurdles 1) Harvey Whelan 2) Odhran Baylor McMahon 3) Nikodem Kowalik. Beanbag Race 1) Brian Drake 2) Fionn Cahill 3) James Sheridan. Straight Race 1) Harvey Whelan 2) Jake O’Rourke 3) Odhran Baylor McMahon. Obstacle Race 1) Michael Harrington 2) Finn Delanty 3) Neven Maher. 2004 & older 100m 1) Ross O’Shea 2) Fionn Walker 3) Alex Buckley. 2005 100m 1) Erin O’Brien 2) Steven Rowe 3) Warren Devlin. 2006 100m 1) Oskar Olszewski 2) Tiago Barillot 3) Gearóid O’Donovan, 2007 60m 1) Alex Finnegan 2) Jake Doody 3) Patrick McKeown. 2008 60m 1) Billy Lynch 2) Habeeb Folami 3) Aidan Clancy. 2009 60m 1) Alex Barrett 2) Jakub Wolny 3 ) Will O’Keeffe. 2010 60m 1) James Burke 2) Jack Meaney 3) Fionn O’Rourke. Piggy Back Race 1) Malick Kanaze/Colin Henderson 2) Ross O’Shea/Daniel Wolny. 3) Jae Kinsella/Jonah Walsh Obstacle Race 1) Aaron Murphy 2) Warren Devlin 3) Ross Bell. Sack Race 1) Oskar Olszewski 2) Gearóid O’Donovan 3) Jack Kennedy. 3-Legged Race 1) Jake Doody/Alex Finnegan 2) Ryan Abramsan/Oisín Dorgan 3) Adam O’Sullivan/Isaac Devlin. Tyre Race 1) Billy Lynch 2) Peter Jevens 3) Caleb Coady. Bean Bag Race 1) Tom Kennedy 2) Roan Fallon 3) Ollie Morrissy. Egg & Spoon Race 1) Jamie Maher 2) Ciarán Clancy 3) Alfie Naughnane. Javelin 1) Aidan Clancy 13.5m 2) Roan Fallon 13m 3) Paddy Murphy 12.5m. High Jump 1) Jake Doody 1m8cm 2) Alex Finnegan 1m5cm 3) Billy Maher 1m3cm. Shot Putt 1) Alex Buckley 30m 2) Fionn Walker 26m 3) Jason Grace 25m. Distance Race 1&2 1) Aidan Clancy 2) Will O’Keeffe 3) Sam Cronin. Distance Race 3&4 1) Alex Finnegan 2) Oisín Dorgan 3) Oskar Olszewski. Distance Race 5&6 1) Colin Henderson 2) Alex Buckley 3) Erin O’Brien. Relay Rang a 5 Erin O’Brien, Jay McConville, Shayne Kelleher & Cameron Taft. Relay Rang a 3 1) Oisín Dorgan, Luke McDonnell, Billy Lynch & Ryan Abramson. Musical Chairs/Bikes! 1) Alex Finnegan 2) John McCarthy 3) Charlie Morrissy. Tug-o-War Rang a 5 Rang Mr Barry. Tug-o-War Rang a 6 Rang Mr Barry. Peileadóir na Bliana Warren Devlin. Iománaí na Bliana Fionn Walker. Lúthchleasaí na Bliana Alex Finnegan.  Many thanks to Cobh GAA for the use of the top pitch for the day.




Sraith Peile 2017

Five team competed in this year’s league. Some great games took place, three of them ending in draws. The teams were captained by Jack Young, Malick Kanaze, Colin Henderson and the two finalists Jae Kinsella & Jake Orji. The whole school came up to the College Field to watch a thrilling final on a sunny Friday 16th June! Having trailed at half time Jake’s team stormed back into the game with six second half points to take the Brother Atanatius Cup, presented by Miss Finn. Mr O’Loingsigh praised all involved in the league and explained to the boys where the cup came from. A big thank you to Coláiste Muire for the use of the field for the final and the other school PE activities throughout the year.






Cork Primary Schools’ Sports

On June 1st our school team competed in the Primary Schools’ Sports. Running conditions were difficult as it was a wet day but all our runners performed well and did us proud. Our main achievers were the boys in the Junior Relay – Gearóid O’Donovan, Alex Finnegan, Oskar Oslewski & Patrick McKeown who won their race convincingly. Alex Finnegan also came third in his individual sprint while James Burke came first in his sprint! Congratulations are also due to all the other boys on the team:- Evan Woods, Fionn Walker, Warren Devlin, Erin O’Brien, Shayne Kelleher, Billy Lynch, Cillian O’Connell, Will O’Keeffe, Jack Meaney, Ross O’Shea & Alex Buckley. Two other boys, Jakub Wolny & Nico Pindelski, were unfortunate to miss the sports as they had to withdraw at a late stage due to illness. (Mr. Fleming)




Iomáint Faoi Dhíon Rang a Trí

An Indoor Hurling Blitz for 3rd Class pupils was held in Little Island Community Hall in March. The emphasis was on fun, enjoyment and the practising of skills. All involved performed very well and enjoyed the day. Well done to :- Oisín Kelly, Killian O’Shea, Ryan Daly, Darragh Breen, Kyle McKeown, Adam O’Sullivan, Isaac Devlin, Habeeb Folami, Leighton Yurzhenko & Luke Healy-Collins. (Mr. Fleming)

4th Class Inddor Blitz

In February our school participated in an indoor hurling blitz for 4th class in Little Island Sports Centre. After some excellent performances we were unlucky to be beaten at the semi-final stage by Riverstown who were the overall winners. Well done to Darragh Ahern, Andrew Mulcahy, Luke Mulcahy, Alex Finnegan, Sam Collins, Billy Maher, Jack Barrett, Donncha Leahy, Kieran Hurley & Rian Connick. (Mr. Fleming)


Foireann Peil na Scoile



Cross Country Running

In September a team of runners from our school took part in the East Cork Schools’ Cross Country Competition in Castlelyons. We has three runners in each age group and all performed well. Each race had about 100 runners and medals were given to the first 15 in each race. The medal winners from our team were James Burke & Jamie Maher ( 2010), Jakub Wolny & Ollie Morrissey (2009), Alex Finnegan, Odhran Ryan & Oisin Dorgan (2007) and Colin Henderson (2004). The other boys who ran excellently and finished well up the field were Diarmuid Conroy, Cillian O’Connell, Sam Cronin, Nico Pindelski, Billy Lynch, Andrew Mulcahy, Luke Mulcahy, Shayne Kelleher, Warren Devlin, Erin O’Brien, Josh Collins, Malick Kanaze and Cathal O’Riordan.

(Mr. Fleming, Mrs. Aherne)




Sraith Peile na Scoile 2016

Five teams, comprising of 70 players, competed in this year’s school Gaelic Football League, for the Br. Atanatius Cup. This was held during the last term and saw some fabulous games played out in the Coláiste Muire pitch. The teams were captained by (A) Adam O’Donovan & Danny O’Driscoll, (B) Darragh O’Regan & Moayad Salabi, (C) Cameron Cuddihy & Cian Tobin, (D) Daniel O’Sullivan & Luka le Bervet Bardsley and (E) Conor Looney & Joe Kelleher. The league was great and showcased the talents of some great 4th class players, who will be our future Sciath na Scol stars, and will captain the Br. Atanatius League teams in 2018! The league was won by Adam O’Donovan & Danny O’Driscoll’s team who produced a great second half, having a narrow lead over Cameron Cuddihy & Cian Tobin’s team at half time. (Mr. O’Loingsigh)




Sciath na Scol 2016

We had high hopes for our Sciath na Scol hurling panel this year but injuries to some of our strong players dealt us a cruel blow. We started brightly with a win against Togher BNS but three losses after that meant that we could not qualify for the semi-finals. Well done nevertheless to our panel of: Oisín Ahern, Niall Barrett, Conor Kidney, Seán O’Connell, Cian Tobin, Paul Murphy, Seán Devlin, Eoin Cullimore, Jake Sawani, Luke Meaney, Moyad Sallabi, Simon Murphy, Erin O’Brien, George Kelly, Warren Devlin, Fionn Walker, Jack O’Shea, Josh Collins, Danny O’Driscoll, Alex Kirk, Liam O’Leary, Alex Buckley, Conor Looney, Jack Young, Jonah Walsh & Darragh Regan. (Mr. Fleming)

Cork Schools’ Sports 2016

All our runners performed very well on a hot day in CIT on June 1st. Prizes were won by Oskar Oslewski (2nd) and Alex Finnegan (1st) in their races. Many other runners were narrowly outside the medals on both the sprint and relay events. Well done to: Adam Perryman, Conor Kidney, Danny O’Driscoll, Fionn Walker, Warren Devlin, Jack O’Shea, Oskar Oslewski, Seán Mackey, Alex Finnegan, Jake Doody, Billy Lynch, Nico Pindelski, Cillian Mansworth-O’Connell, Will O’Keeffe,  Erin O’Brien & Luke Finnegan. (Mr. Fleming)

Ficheall 2016

Our annual chess competition was held during the 2nd & 3rd terms during lunch time break. 44 pupils from 4th, 5th & 6th classes took part and we had some great games over the two terms. We finally were left with four for the semi finals and these four receive plaques. Our two 3rd places, this year, go to Kayne Griffin & Cian Tobin. Our final was decided by the best of three games. So, this year, 2nd place goes to Kaleb Tighe and our Grand Master is Julio Martinez! Well done to both players on reaching the final and to all who took part in the chess tournament. (Mr. McSweeney)





Indoor Hurling Rang a Ceathair

In February, our school participated in an indoor hurling blitz for 4th class boys in the Little Island Community Sports Hall. After some great wins we reached the final of the blitz where we once again performed heroically to achieve a draw at full time. Extra time had to be played where the first team to score a ‘Golden Goal’ would win and continue to the next round. Unfortunately, out opponents from Douglas were the first to score, causing hear-break and tears from the boys who showed great determination and will to win. Well done to Seán O’Connell, Luke Meaney, Jack O’Shea, Conor Gardiner, Erin O’Brien, Josh Collins, Jack Kennedy, Kallum Hackett & Jake Kelly. (Mr. Flemimg)

Indoor Hurling Blitz Rang a Trí

In March, our school took part in a fun indoor hurling blitz for boys in 3rd class in the Little Island Community Sports Hall. The purpose of this blitz was to provide some fun activity in indoor hurling for the boys where the emphasis was on participation and enjoyment rather than winning. Although scores were recorded the final results were not important. The boys who played were: Donnacha Leahy, Alex Finnegan, Odhran Ryan, Darragh Ahern, Ronan Verwey, Charlie Morrissy, Billy Maher, Oskar Olszewski, Andrew Mulcahy, Luke Mulcahy, Jack Barrett & Kieran Hurley. (Mr. Fleming)


Sraith Iománaíochta na Scoile 2015

After fifteen well contested matches our school hurling league has come to an end. Four teams took part and were expertly captained by Jake Sawani, Eoin Cullimore, Paul Murphy & Conor Kidney. Congratulations are due to Eoin’s team who were the eventual winners after an exciting final in poor conditions over Jake’s team. The winners were presented with the Br. Athanasius Cup and both winners and runners-up received medals for their exploits. (Mr. Fleming)


Sciath na Scol Panel

Football panel with Ms. Finn, Mr. O'Loingsigh, Mr. Fleming & Mr. Kenneally.

Cross Country Running

A schools cross country running competition was held in Conna, Co. Cork, on Friday 26th September. 21 boys represented the school in various age groups. Medals were presented to the first 15 in each age group and we are proud that eight of our boys were amongst the medal winners. These were; Colin Henderson, Luke Finnegan, Warren Devlin, Oskar Oslewski, Alex Finnegan, Cillian Mansworth - O’Connell. Roan Fallon & Jakub Wolny, who came first in his race! Well done to all the other runners who finished strongly in their races. These were; George Kelly, Conor Kidney, Jake Sawani, Danny O’Driscoll, Erin O’Brien - Moran, Jack O’Shea, Andrew Mulcahy, Shayne Kelleher, Odhran Ryan, Jake Doody, Ryan Curry, Billy Keenan & Charlie McCarthy.

(Mr. Fleming)