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Tá Oíche Shamhna ag teacht


Here are some poems from Mrs. Stack's Rang a Ceathair!

Hallowe'en by Oisín Kelly 4th class

Hallowe'en is almost here,

Watch out weird werewolves are near

.Kids are in fear,

And some will be in tears!

Scary vampires are around,

So do not make a sound

.Pumpkins are bouncing on the street,

I see them when i trick-or-treat.

And Frankenstein reeks

,And the skeleton creeps.

The bats spook me

,Because it's Hallowe'en you see!

The Mask by David Sheehan 4th class

Hallowe'en is nearly here

,I'm scared of what I saw last year.

He was standing on the path,

There was a body in my bath.

His creepy face,

He saw me and gave chase.

I just about made it home,

I think, I think, I broke a bone.

On Hallowe'en you better beware

,Because you know he'll be there.

I've made it home you see,

But you won't be as lucky as me!

The Figure by Nicholas Altmann 4th class

Hallowe'en is almost here,

Hallowe'en is very near

.Kids get ready to trick-or-treat,

They'll be on the street in a heart-beat.

But what I saw on Hallowe'en night

,It really gave me the biggest fright.

It was holding a knife and all,

It was about ten feet tall.

Not sure if it was a costume or what,

But I came back with a cut.

If you see him running around,

Run away or you will be found.

October 31st by Tom Drohan 4th class

Hallowe'en is hard to beat,

Especially if you like the odd treat.

But there is something you must fear,

If you're not prepared for what is near.

This poem is not for young children to hear,

As some of them may shed a tear.

You may cheer,

Because Hallowe'en is nearly here!



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